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Eurofins Cell-Based Assay Kits & Cell lines

Eurofins (DiscoverX) cell based assay kit cell line Ұմϴ.

Eurofins DiscoverX
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Receptor Activation Receptor Internalization Receptor Dimerization Receptor

Product Group PathHunter® β-Arrestin Assays
PathHunter® GPCR Internalization Assays  PathHunter® Dimerization Assays PathHunter® Kinase Cell-Based Assays
GPCR activation Ȱȭ β-Arrestin м GPCR ȭ(Internalization) ñ׳θ Ȯ
ProLink™(PK) Enzyme Acceptor(EA) ü(Dimerization) ñ׳θ Kinase functional activity, dimerization, characterization, screening ǰ
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Checkpoint Signaling InCELL Target Engagement  KILR Cytotoxicity Protein Translocation
Product Group PathHunter® Checkpoint Signaling Assays  InCELL Target Engagement Assays KILR® Cytotoxicity Assay  PathHunter® Protein Translocation Assays
checkpoint proteins Ÿ ๰ ũ׿ ʿ cell ๰ Ͽ Ÿٿ ϴ Ȯϱ ǰ effector cell co-culture ǥ ϱ ǰ پ ȹ ̿ ܹ Ʈŷ м ǰ
ǰ • Cell Lines • Cell Lines
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• Cell Lines
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• Cell Lines
• Assay Ready Kits 

  • Ÿٺ cell line (Ȥ cell pool) м ʿ Assay-Ready eXpress Kit մϴ.
  • Assay-Ready eXpress Kit 1x96well, 2x96well, 10x96well · ˴ϴ. (Ʒ ǰ ѹ 2x96well Դϴ.)
Target  Cell Lines Assay-Ready eXpress Kit
Checkpoint Clustering, Ligand, Signaling, Dimerization Assays
BTLA 93-1112C19
CD137 93-1089C3
CD200 93-1137C3
CD200R 93-1136C19
CD28 93-1126C19
CD47 93-1149C19
CD86 93-1093C3
CTLA4 93-1094C19
FcyRIIb 93-1133C3
FcγR1a 93-1138C3
FcγRIIa 93-1140C3
HVEM 93-1116C3
ICOS 93-1127C19
mFcyRIIb 93-1139C3
NIK 93-1059C3
OX40 93-1080C3
PD-1 93-1106C19
PD-1(SHP1)  93-1104C19
PD-L1 93-1066C3
PD-L2 93-1076C3
SIRPa 93-1135C19
TIM3/TIM3 93-1082C3 93-1082E3CP5M
VISTA/VISTA 93-1079C3 93-1079E3CP5M
Dimerization Assays
ACVR1B/BMPR2 93-1072C3 93-1072E3CP5M
ACVR1C/ACVR2 93-1069C3 93-1069E3CP5M
ACVR1C/ACVR2B 93-1047C3 93-1047E3CP5M
ACVRL1/ACVR2 93-0963C3 93-0963E3CP0M
ACVRL1/ACVR2B 93-0964C3 93-0964E3CP22M
ACVRL1/BMPR2 93-0962C3 93-0962E3CP22M
BMPR1A/ACVR2 93-1037C3 93-1037E3CP5M
BMPR1A/ACVR2B 93-1038C3
BMPR1A/BMPR2 93-1006C3 93-1006E3CP0M
BMPR1B/ACVR2A 93-1010C3 93-1010E3CP0M
BMPR1B/ACVR2B 93-1052C3
BMPR1B/BMPR2 93-1053C3
c-MET/c-MET 93-1063C3
CSF1R/CSF1R 93-1061C3 93-1061E3CP5M
CSF2RB/CSF2RA 93-1078C3 93-1078E3CP22M
EGFR/EGFR 93-0989C3 93-0989E3CP5M
EGFR/ErbB2 93-1051C3 93-1051E3CP14M
EGFR/ErbB3 93-1125C3
EpoR/EpoR 93-0965C3 93-0965E3CP0M
ErbB2/ErbB3 93-1042C3
ErbB2/ErbB4 93-0960C3 93-0960E3CP5M
ErbB4/ErbB4 93-0961C3 93-0961E3CP5M
FGFR3/FGFR3 93-1055C3
IFNAR1/IFNAR2 93-1097C1
IFNGR1/IFNGR2 93-1098C3 93-1098E3CP5M
IFNRL1/IL10RB 93-0993C3 93-0993E3CP5M
IL10RA/IL10RB 93-0985C3 93-0985E3CP0M
IL11R/IL6ST 93-1028C1
IL12RB1/IL12RB2 93-1041C3 93-1041E3CP0M
IL17RA/IL17RC 93-0999C3 93-0931E1CP7M
IL17RA/IL17RC 93-0931C1
IL17RA/IL17RC (U2OS) 93-0999E3CP0M
IL17RD/TNFR2 93-1068C3 93-1068E3CP5M
IL18R1/IL18RAP 93-1131C3 93-1044E3CP5M
IL1R1/IL1RAP 93-1032C3 93-1032E3CP5M
IL1RL1/IL1RAP  93-1067C3 93-1067E3CP5M
IL20R1/IL20R2 93-1027C3
IL20RA/IL10RB 93-1020C3 93-1020E3CP0M
IL20RA/IL20RB 93-1027E3CP0M
IL21R/IL2RG 93-1035C3 93-1035E3CP0M
IL22RA/IL10RB1 93-1026C1
IL22RA1/IL10RB 93-1026E1CP7M
IL23R/IL12RB1 93-1007C3 93-1007E3CP0M
IL27RA/IL6ST 93-1119C3
IL2RB/IL2RG 93-0998C3 93-0998E3CP5M
IL2RB/IL2RG/IL2RA 93-1003C3 93-1003E3CP0M
IL3RA/CD131 93-0969C1
IL4R/IL13RA1 93-1001C1 93-1001E1CP0M
IL4R/IL13RA1 93-1000C3
IL4R/IL2RG 93-0988C3 93-0988E3CP5M
IL5RA/CSF2RB 93-0972C3 93-0972E3CP0M
IL6RA/IL6ST 93-1045C3 93-1045E3CP5M
IL7R/CRLF2 93-1019C13 93-1019E13CP25M
IL7R/IL2RG 93-0997C13 93-0997E13CP0M
IL9R/IL2RG 93-1036C1
KDR/KDR 93-0996C1 93-0996E1CP0M
LEPR/LEPR 93-1107C3
OSMR/IL6ST 93-1056C3 93-1056E3CP5M
OSMRb/IL31R 93-1002C3
OSMRb/IL31RA 93-1002E3CP5M
PD-1/PD-1 93-1130C3
PD-L1/PD-L1 93-1129C3
TGFBR1/ACVR2 93-1012E3CP5M
TGFBR1/ACVR2B  93-1046C3 93-1046E3CP5M
TGFBR1/TGFBR2 93-0889C3 93-0889E3CP5M
TGFBR1A/ACVR2A 93-1012C3
TPOR/TPOR 93-1108C1
GPCR cAMP & Calcium Assays
ADCYAP1R1 (PAC1) 95-0064C2 95-0064E2CP2M
ADORA1 95-0061C2
ADORA2B 95-0041C2 95-0041E2CP2M
ADORA3 95-0101C2
ADRA2A 95-0126C2 95-0126E2CP2M
ADRA2C 95-0053C2 95-0053E2CP2M
ADRB1 95-0113C2 95-0113E2CP2M
ADRB2 (B2AR) 95-0121C2 95-0121E2CP2M
ADRB3 95-0182C13 95-0182E13CP25M
AGTRL1 95-0147C2 95-0147E2CP2M
AVPR2 95-0150C2 95-0150E2CP2M
C5AR1 95-0079C2 95-0079E2CP2M
CALCR 95-0161C2
CALCRL-RAMP1 95-0164C2 95-0164E2CP2M
CALCRL-RAMP3 95-0169C2 95-0169E2CP2M
CALCR-RAMP3 95-0166C6
CASR 95-1014C3
CCR1 95-0066C2
CCR10 95-0175C2
CCR5 95-0068C2 95-0068E2CP2M
CCR6 95-0069C2 95-0069E2CP2M
CCR7 95-0070C2 95-0070E2CP2M
CHRM2 95-0078C2 95-0078E2CP2M
CHRM4 95-0145C2
CMKLR1 95-0080C2 95-0080E2CP2M
CNR1 (CB1) 95-0071C2 95-0071E2CP2M
CNR2 95-0183C2 95-0183E2CP2M
CRHR1 95-0047C2 95-0047E2CP2M
CRHR2 95-0048C2 95-0048E2CP2M
CRTH2 95-0072C2
CXCR1 (IL8RA) 95-0073C2 95-0073E2CP2M
CXCR2 (IL8RB) 95-0074C2 95-0074E2CP2M
CXCR3 95-0054C2 95-0054E2CP2M
CXCR4 95-0081C2 95-0081E2CP2M
CXCR5 (BLR1) 95-0082C2 95-0082E2CP2M
CXCR6 95-0184C2
DRD1 95-0083C2 95-0083E2CP2M
DRD2L 95-0125C2
DRD2S 95-0084C2 95-0084E2CP2M
DRD4 95-0123C2
DRD5 95-0094C2 95-0094E2CP2M
EBI2 95-0172C2
EDG1 95-0142C2
EDG2 95-0135C2
FFAR3 (GPR41) 95-0136C2 95-0136E2CP2M
FPR1 95-0139C2
FPR3 95-0171C2 95-0171E2CP2M
FPRL1 95-0044C2 95-0044E2CP2M
FSHR 95-0119C2
GABBR1-GABBR2 95-0165C2
GALR1 95-0058C2 95-0058E2CP2M
GCGR 95-0042C2 95-0042E2CP2M
GHRHR 95-0076C2 95-0076E2CP2M
GIPR 95-0146C2 95-0146E2CP2M
GLP1R 95-0062C2 95-0062E2CP2M
GLP2R 95-0112C2 95-0112E2CP2M
GPBAR1 95-0049C2 95-0049E2CP2M
GPR109A 95-0122C2 95-0122E2CP2M
GPR109B 95-0141C2 95-0141E2CP2M
GPR35 95-0152C2 95-0152E2CP2M
GPR39 95-1015C3
GPR81 95-0149C2
GPR84 95-0158C2
GRM1 95-1021C3
GRM2 95-0148C2 95-0148E2CP23M
GRM3 95-0137C2
GRM4 95-0117C2 95-0117E2CP24M
GRM5 95-1020C3
GRM6 95-0105C2 95-0105E2CP24M
HRH2 95-0043C2 95-0043E2CP2M
HRH3 95-0103C2 95-0103E2CP2M
HTR1A 95-0132C2
HTR1B 95-0162C2
HTR1F 95-0143C2
HTR5A 95-0160C2
HTR7A 95-0151C2
HTR7D 95-0163C13
LHCGR 95-0106C2 95-0106E2CP2M
LTB4R 95-0085C2 95-0085E2CP2M
MC1R 95-0111C2
MC3R 95-0045C2 95-0045E2CP2M
MC4R 95-0050C2 95-0050E2CP2M
MC5R 95-0046C2
MCHR1 95-0055C2 95-0055E2CP2M
mGIPR 95-0154C2 95-0154E2CP2M
mGLP1R 95-0179E3CP5M
mRXFP1 95-0180C2
mTAAR1 95-0177C2
MTNR1A 95-0086C2 95-0086E2CP2M
MTNR1B 95-0056C2 95-0056E2CP2M
NPBWR1 95-0099C2
NPBWR2 95-0100C2
NPFFR1 95-0097C2 95-0097E2CP2M
NPY2R 95-0077C2 95-0077E2CP2M
OPRD1 95-0108C2 95-0108E2CP2M
OPRK1 95-0088C2 95-0088E2CP2M
OPRL1 95-0115C2 95-0115E2CP2M
OPRM1 95-0107C2 95-0107E2CP2M
OXER1 95-0089C2 95-0089E2CP2M
OXGR1 95-1017C3
P2RY1 95-1018C6
PPYR1 (NPY4R) 95-0087C2 95-0087E2CP2M
PROKR1 95-0090C2 95-0090E2CP2M
PTGDR 95-0110C2 95-0110E2CP2M
PTGER2 95-0176C13 95-0176E13CP25M
PTGER3 95-0159C2 95-0159E2CP2M
PTGIR 95-0051C2 95-0051E2CP2M
PTHR1 95-0118C2 95-0118E2CP2M
PTHR2 95-0057C2 95-0057E2CP2M
rDRD1 95-0128C2 95-0128E2CP2M
rDRD2L 95-0130C2 95-0130E2CP2M
rDRD2S 95-0129C2
rTAAR1 95-0178C2
RXFP1 (LGR7) 95-0127C2 95-0127E2CP2M
RXFP2 (LGR8) 95-0140C2
RXFP3 (SALPR) 95-0102C2 95-0102E2CP2M
RXFP4 95-0134C2
SCTR 95-0075C2 95-0075E2CP2M
SSTR2 95-0095C2 95-0095E2CP2M
SSTR3 95-0131C2 95-0131E2CP2M
SSTR4 95-0059C2 95-0059E2CP2M
SSTR5 95-0133C2
TAAR1 95-0173C2
TACR3 95-0092C2 95-0092E2CP2M
TSHRL 95-0153C2
VIPR1 95-0093C2 95-0093E2CP2M
VIPR2 95-0052C2 95-0052E2CP2M
XCR1 95-0096C2
GPCR cGMP & Profiler Assays
cGMP Assay 90-0039 (384well)
GPCR Profiler Kit 93-0879EP (10x96w)
GPCR Internalization Assays
ADCYAP1R1 93-0885C3 93-0885E3CP0M
ADRA2C 93-0923C3
ADRB2 93-0800C1
AGTRL1 93-0710C3 93-0710E3CP0M
AVPR1A 93-0751C3
AVPR1B 93-0722C3 93-0722E3CP5M
AVPR2 93-0709C3
BDKRB2 93-0725C3
C3AR1 93-0771C3
C5AR1 93-0777C3 93-0777E3CP5M
C5L2 93-0736C3
CCKAR 93-0650C3 93-0650E3CP5M
CCKBR 93-0708C3
CCR1 93-0651C3 93-0651E3CP5M
CCR10 93-0783C3 93-0783E3CP5M
CCR2 93-0679C3 93-0679E3CP5M
CCR4 93-0845C3 93-0845E3CP27M
CCR5 93-0653C3 93-0653E3CP0M
CCR6 93-0966C3 93-0966E3CP5M
CCR7 93-0740C3
CHRM1 93-0655C3 93-0655E3CP5M
CHRM2 93-0656C3 93-0656E3CP5M
CHRM3 93-0775C3 93-0775E3CP5M
CHRM4 93-0902C3 93-0902E3CP0M
CHRM5 93-0657C3 93-0657E3CP5M
CMKLR1 93-0720C3 93-0720E3CP22M
CRHR1 93-0726C3
CRHR2 93-0752C3
CXCR1 (IL8RA) 93-0659C3
CXCR2 (IL8RB) 93-0934C3
CXCR3 93-0661C3 93-0661E3CP0M
CXCR4 93-0890C3
CXCR6 93-0886C3 93-0886E3CP0M
CXCR7 93-0738C3 93-0738E3CP27M
DRD1 93-0748C3
EBI2 93-0910C3
EDG1 93-0784C1 93-0784E1CP28M
EDG2 93-0839C3
EDG3 93-0663C3
EDG5 93-0735C3
EDG7 93-0664C3
EDNRB 93-0874C3 93-0874E3CP0M
F2RL1 93-0747C3 93-0747E3CP5M
F2RL3 93-0753C3
FPR1 93-0873C3 93-0873E3CP0M
FPRL1 93-0666C3 93-0666E3CP0M
GALR1 93-0781C3 93-0781E3CP5M
GCGR 93-0820C1 93-0820E1CP0M
GLP1R 93-0724C3 93-0724E3CP0M
GLP2R 93-0750C3
GPR1 93-0749C3
GPR120L 93-0801C1
GPR35 93-0968C3 93-0968E3CP5M
GRPR 93-0667C3 93-0667E3CP5M
HCRTR1 93-0729C3 93-0729E3CP0M
HCRTR2 93-0730C3 93-0730E3CP0M
HTR2A 93-0807C3
HTR2C 93-0669C3 93-0669E3CP27M
LTB4R 93-0810C3
MC3R 93-0837C3 93-0837E3CP0M
MCHR1 93-0947C3 93-0947E3CP5M
MLNR 93-0737C3
MTNR1A 93-0847C13
MTNR1B 93-0881C3
NMBR 93-0939C3 93-0939E3CP5M
NMU1R 93-0782C3
NPY2R 93-0721C3
NTSR1 93-0671C3 93-0671E3CP5M
OPRD1 93-0673C3 93-0673E3CP0M
OPRK1 93-0828C3 93-0828E3CP0M
OPRL1 93-0904C3
OPRM1 93-0745C3 93-0745E3CP5M
OXER1 93-0955C3
OXTR 93-0715C3 93-0715E3CP0M
P2RY1 93-0967C3 93-0967E3CP0M
P2RY12 93-0952C3
P2RY2 93-0719C3 93-0719E3CP5M
P2RY4 93-0741C3 93-0741E3CP0M
PRLHR 93-0766C3
PROKR1 93-0764C3 93-0764E3CP0M
PROKR2 93-0728C3
PTAFR 93-0680C3
PTGER4 93-0772C3
PTGFR 93-0872C3 93-0872E3CP0M
PTGIR 93-0838C3 93-0838E3CP0M
PTHR1 93-0770C3 93-0770E3CP0M
PTHR2 93-0763C3 93-0763E3CP0M
RXFP3 93-0948C3
SCTR 93-0675C3
SSTR2 93-0676C2 93-0676E2CP0M
TACR1 93-0717C3
TACR2 93-0677C3 93-0677E3CP0M
TACR3 93-0678C3
TBXA2R 93-0918C3
TRHR 93-0949C3 93-0949E3CP5M
UTR2 93-0746C3 93-0746E3CP5M
VIPR1 93-0739C3 93-0739E3CP5M
VIPR2 93-0824C3 93-0824E3CP5M
GPCR β-Arrestin Assays
ADCYAP1R1 (PAC1) 93-0249C2 93-0249E2CP0M
ADORA1 93-0787C2
ADORA3 93-0586C2 93-0586E2CP2M
ADRA1B 93-0274C2 93-0274E2CP0M
ADRA1D 93-0983C1
ADRA2A 93-0424C2 93-0424E2CP0M
ADRA2B 93-0641C2 93-0641E2CP2M
ADRA2C 93-0511C2
ADRB1 93-0488C2 93-0488E2CP0M
ADRB2 93-0182C2 93-0182E2CP0M
AGTR1 93-0312C2 93-0312E2CP0M
AGTRL1 93-0250C2 93-0250E2CP0M
AGTRL1 (ARR1) 93-1050C2
AVPR1A 93-0587C3 93-0587E3CP0M
AVPR1B 93-0486C2 93-0486E2CP0M
AVPR2 93-0588C2 93-0588E2CP0M
AVPR2 93-0187C1 93-0588E2CP0M
BAI1 93-0545C2
BAI2 93-0546C2 93-0546E2CP1M
BAI3 93-0547C2 93-0547E2ACP1M
BDKRB1 93-0639C2 93-0639E2CP2M
BDKRB2 93-0189C2 93-0189E2CP0M
BDKRB2 93-0189C1 93-0189E2CP0M
BRS3 93-0945C2 93-0945E2CP2M
C3AR1 93-0814C3 93-0814E3CP0M
C5AR1 93-0557C2 93-0557E2CP0M
C5L2 93-0645C2 93-0645E2CP0M
CALCR (No RAMP) 93-0566C2
CALCR (No RAMP) 93-0566C3
CALCRL-RAMP1(CGRP1) 93-0269C2 93-0269E2CP0M
CALCRL-RAMP2(AM1) 93-0270C2 93-0270E2CP0M
CALCRL-RAMP3(AM2) 93-0252C2
CALCR-RAMP2(AMY2) 93-0267C2 93-0267E2CP0M
CALCR-RAMP3(AMY3) 93-0268C2 93-0268E2CP0M
CCKAR 93-0190C2 93-0190E2CP2M
CCKAR 93-0190C1 93-0190E2CP2M
CCKBR 93-0191C2 93-0191E2CP0M
CCR1 93-0254C2
CCR10 93-0276C3 93-0276E3CP5M
CCR2 93-0192C2 93-0192E2CP0M
CCR2 93-0192C1 93-0192E2CP0M
CCR3 93-0629C2 93-0629E2CP2M
CCR4 93-0193C2 93-0193E2CP0M
CCR5 93-0224C2 93-0224E2CP0M
CCR6 93-0194C2 93-0194E2CP0M
CCR7 93-0195C2 93-0195E2CP0M
CCR7 93-0195C1 93-0195E2CP0M
CCR8 93-0196C2 93-0196E2CP0M
CCR9 93-0296C2 93-0296E2CP0M
CCRL1 93-0946C2
CCRL2 93-0333C2A 93-0333E2ACP1M
cEDG5 93-0581C2
CHRM1 93-0859C3 93-0859E3CP0M
CHRM2 93-0198C2 93-0198E2CP0M
CHRM3 93-0860C3 93-0860E3CP0M
CHRM4 93-0349C2 93-0349E2CP0M
CHRM5 93-0519C2 93-0519E2CP0M
CMKLR1 93-0313C2 93-0313E2CP0M
cMRGPRX2 93-1134C2
CNR1 93-0959C2 93-0959E2CP0M
CNR2 93-0706C2
CRHR1 93-0225C2 93-0225E2CP0M
CRHR2 93-0251C2 93-0251E2CP0M
CRTH2 93-0291C2 93-0291E2CP2M
CRTH2 93-0559C3 93-0291E2CP2M
CX3CR1 93-0956C2 93-0956E2CP0M
CXCR1 (IL8RA) 93-0226C3 93-0226E3CP0M
CXCR2 (IL8RB) 93-0202C2 93-0202E2CP0M
CXCR2 (IL8RB) 93-0202C1 93-0202E2CP0M
CXCR3 93-0271C2 93-0271E2CP2M
CXCR3 93-0271C3 93-0271E2CP2M
CXCR4 93-0203C7
CXCR5 93-0204C7
CXCR5 93-0514C2
CXCR6 93-0205C2 93-0205E2CP2M
CXCR6 93-0205C1 93-0205E2CP2M
CXCR7 (CMKOR1) 93-0248C2 93-0248E2CP2M
cyno CXCR1 93-0980C1 93-0980E1CCP0M
cyno CXCR2 93-0981C1 93-0981E1CCP0M
cyno GPR120 93-1029C2
DARC 93-0548C2 93-0548E2CP1M
DRD1 93-0590C2 93-0590E2CP2M
DRD2L 93-0579C2 93-0579E2CP2M
DRD2S 93-0351C2 93-0351E2CP0M
DRD3 93-0591C2 93-0591E3CP0M
DRD3 93-0591C3 93-0591E3CP0M
DRD4 93-0690C2 93-0690E2CP0M
DRD5 93-0426C2 93-0426E2CP0M
EBI2 93-0437C2A 93-0437E2ACP21M
EDG1 93-0207C2 93-0207E2CP4M
EDG2 93-0644C2
EDG3 93-0217C2 93-0217E2CP0M
EDG3 93-0217C1 93-0217E2CP0M
EDG4 93-0255C2 93-0255E2CP13M
EDG5 93-0256C2 93-0256E2CP0M
EDG6 93-0227C2
EDG7 93-0636C2 93-0636E2CP13M
EDNRA 93-0257C2 93-0257E2CP0M
EDNRB 93-0593C2 93-0593E2CP0M
F2R (PAR1) 93-0278C2 93-0278E2CP0M
F2RL1 (PAR2,GPR11) 93-0235C1
F2RL1 (PAR2,GPR11) 93-0235C3
F2RL3 (PAR4) 93-0279C2 93-0279E2CP0M
FFAR1 93-0950C13
FFAR1 (ARR1) 93-0977C1
FFAR2 (GPR43) 93-1005C2
FPR1 93-0314C2 93-0314E2CP0M
FPRL1 93-0319C2 93-0319E2CP2M
FSHR 93-0517C2 93-0517E2CP0M
GALR1 93-0228C2 93-0228E2CP0M
GALR2 93-0759C2 93-0759E2CP2M
GCGR 93-0241C2 93-0241E2CP0M
GCGR (ARR1) 93-0979C2 93-0979E2CP2M
GHSR1a (ARR1) 93-0242C3 93-0242E3CP5M
GHSR1b 93-0354C2A 93-0354E2ACP1M
GIPR 93-1095C2 93-0788E2CP2M
GLP1R 93-0300C2 93-0300E2CP0M
GLP1R (ARR1) 93-0914C2 93-0914E2CP2M
GLP2R 93-0572C2 93-0572E2CP2M
GPBAR1 93-0794C3
GPR1 93-0335C2 93-0335E2CP2M
GPR101 93-0831C2
GPR103 93-0376C2A
GPR107 93-0419C2A 93-0419E2ACP1M
GPR109A (HM74A) 93-0301C2
GPR109B 93-0791C2 93-0791E2CP2M
GPR119 93-0356C1
GPR119 93-0356C3
GPR12 93-0329C2A 93-0329E2ACP1M
GPR120L 93-0366C2
GPR120S 93-0924C2 93-0924E2CP0M
GPR120S (ARR1) 93-0978C2
GPR123 93-0417C2A 93-0417E2ACP1M
GPR132 93-0411C2A 93-0411E2ACP1M
GPR135 (HUMNPIIY20) 93-0431C2A
GPR137 (TM7SF1) 93-0361C2A 93-0361E2ACP1M
GPR139 93-0954C2
GPR141 93-0385C2A 93-0385E2ACP1M
GPR142 93-0413C2A 93-0413E2ACP1M
GPR143 93-0362C2A 93-0362E2ACP1M
GPR146 93-0365C2A 93-0365E2ACP1M
GPR148 93-0364C2A 93-0364E2ACP1M
GPR149 93-0420C2A 93-0420E2ACP1M
GPR15 93-0682C2 93-0682E2CP1M
GPR150 (AXOR70) 93-0375C2A
GPR150 (AXOR70) 93-0375C1A
GPR151 93-0381C2A
GPR152 93-0384C2A
GPR152 93-0384C1A
GPR157 93-0414C2A 93-0414E2ACP2M
GPR161 93-0705C2
GPR162 93-0383C2A 93-0383E2ACP1M
GPR17 93-0633C3
GPR171 93-0415C2A 93-0415E2ACP1M
GPR173 93-0380C2A 93-0380E2ACP1M
GPR173 93-0380C1A 93-0380E2ACP1M
GPR176 93-0382C2A 93-0382E2ACP1M
GPR18 93-0560C2A 93-0560E2ACP1M
GPR182 93-0754C2 93-0754E2CP1M
GPR20 93-0405C1 93-0405E1CP1M
GPR22 93-1085C3
GPR23 93-0336C2A 93-0336E2ACP1M
GPR25 93-0368C2A 93-0368E2ACP2M
GPR26 93-0392C2A 93-0392E2ACP1M
GPR27 93-0334C2A 93-0334E2ACP1M
GPR3 93-0626C2 93-0626E2CP1M
GPR30 93-0373C2A 93-0373E2ACP2M
GPR31 93-0406C2 93-0406E2CP2M
GPR32 93-0321C2A 93-0321E2ACP2M
GPR34 93-1146C2
GPR35 93-0942C2 93-0942E2CP2M
GPR37 (EDNRBL) 93-0339C2A
GPR37L1 93-0378C2A 93-0378E2ACP1M
GPR39 93-0338C2 93-0338E2CP1M
GPR4 93-0369C2A 93-0369E2ACP1M
GPR45 93-0374C2A 93-0374E2ACP1M
GPR45 93-0374C1A 93-0374E2ACP1M
GPR50 93-0648C2 93-0648E2CP1M
GPR52 93-0371C2A 93-0371E2ACP1M
GPR52 93-0371C3 93-0371E2ACP1M
GPR55 93-0245C2
GPR6 93-0634C2 93-0634E2CP1M
GPR6 93-0634C3 93-0634E2CP1M
GPR61 93-0407C2A 93-0407E2ACP1M
GPR65 93-0428C2A 93-0428E2ACP1M
GPR75 93-0363C2A 93-0363E2ACP1M
GPR78 93-0370C2A 93-0370E2ACP1M
GPR79 93-0408C2A 93-0408E2ACP1M
GPR83 93-0441C2A 93-0441E2ACP1M
GPR84 93-0647C2
GPR85 93-0409C2A 93-0409E2ACP1M
GPR85 93-0409C3 93-0409E2ACP1M
GPR88 93-0357C2A 93-0357E2ACP1M
GPR92 93-0372C2 93-0372E2CP6M
GPR97 93-0410C2A 93-0410E2ACP1M
GRPR 93-0229C1 93-0229E3CP5M
GRPR 93-0229C3 93-0229E3CP5M
HCRTR1 93-0258C2 93-0258E2CP0M
HCRTR2 93-0427C2 93-0427E2CP0M
HRH1 93-0503C2 93-0503E2CP2M
HRH2 93-0208C2 93-0208E2CP0M
HRH3 93-0509C2 93-0509E2CP2M
HRH4 93-0209C3 93-0209E3CP0M
HTR1A 93-0696C2 93-0696E2CP0M
HTR1B 93-0697C3 93-0697E3CP6M
HTR1E 93-1030C3
HTR1F 93-0699C3 93-0699E3CP0M
HTR2A 93-0401C3 93-0401E3CP19M
HTR2C 93-0289C3 93-0289E3CP3M
HTR2C (VGV) 93-0932C3 93-0932E3CP19M
HTR2C (VNV) 93-0938C3 93-0938E3CP19M
HTR2C (VSV) 93-0921C3 93-0921E3CP19M
HTR5A 93-0700C3 93-0700E3CP19M
HTR6 93-0294C13
KISS1R 93-0504C7 93-0927E3CP5M
KISS1R 93-0927C3 93-0927E3CP5M
LGR4 (GPR48) 93-0516C2A 93-0516E2ACP1M
LGR5 (GPR49) 93-0526C2A 93-0526E2ACP1M
LGR6 93-0527C2A 93-0527E2ACP1M
LHCGR 93-0957C2 93-0957E2CP0M
LTB4R 93-0292C2 93-0292E2CP0M
mADCYAP1R1 (PAC1) 93-0594C2 93-0594E2MCP0M
mADORA2B 93-0469C2 93-0469E2MCP0M
mADORA3 93-0683C2
mADRA1B 93-0595P2
mAGTRL1 93-0565C2 93-0565E2MCP0M
mAVPR2 93-0596P2
mBRS3 93-0597P3
MC1R 93-0861C3 93-0861E3CP5M
MC3R 93-0984C3 93-0984E3CP5M
MC4R 93-0211C3 93-0211E3CP0M
mC5AR1 93-0577C2 93-0577E2MCP0M
MC5R 93-0231C2 93-0231E2CP2M
MC5R 93-0231C3 93-0231E2CP2M
mCCKAR 93-0598P2
mCCR1 93-0561C3
mCCR2 93-0543C3 93-0543E3MCP5M
mCCR3 93-0522C2 93-0522E2MCP0M
mCCR4 93-0515C2 93-0515E2MCP0M
mCCR5 93-0470C2 93-0470E2MCP0M
mCCR6 93-0694C2 93-0694E2MCP2M
mCCR7 93-0528C2 93-0528PE2MCP0M
mCCR8 93-0556C2
mCCR9 93-0734C2 93-0734E2MCP2M
MCHR1 93-0940C3 93-0940E3CP5M
MCHR1 (ARR1) 93-0243C3
MCHR2 93-0691C3 93-0691E3CP5M
mCMKLR1 93-0537C2 93-0537E2MCP0M
mCNR1 (CB1) 93-0471C2
mCNR2 (CB2) 93-0472C2
mCRHR1 93-0473C2 93-0473E2MCP0M
mCRTH2 93-0584C2
mCX3CR1 93-0702C2 93-0702E2MCP2M
mCXCR2 (IL8RB) 93-0513C2 93-0513E2MCP0M
mCXCR3 93-0553C2 93-0553E2MCP0M
mCXCR4 93-0481C3 93-0481E3MCP5M
mCXCR5 93-0474C2 93-0474E2MCP0M
mCXCR6 93-0512C2 93-0512E2MCP0M
mCXCR7 (mCMKOR1) 93-0689C3
mDRD5 93-0573C2
mEBI2 93-0953C2 93-0953E2MCP0M
mEDG1 93-0476C2 93-0476E2MCP4M
mEDG3 93-1013C2 93-1013E2MCP11M
mEDG5 93-0601C2
mEDNRA 93-0685C2 93-0685E2MCP0M
mEDNRB 93-0602C2 93-0602E2MCP0M
mFFAR1 93-0975C3
mFPR1 93-0570C2
mFPR2 93-1034C2 93-1034E2MCP2M
mGALR1 93-0603P2
mGALR2 93-0604C2 93-0604E2MCP2M
mGCGR 93-0575C2
mGCGR (ARR1) 93-0973C2 93-0973E2MCP2M
mGHSR1a 93-0605C2 93-0605E2MCP2M
mGIPR 93-0846C3 93-0846E3MCP5M
mGLP1R 93-0478C2 93-0478E2MCP0M
mGLP1R (ARR1) 93-0974C2 93-0974E2MCP2M
mGPR1 93-0571C2
mGPR84 93-1083C2
mGPR91 (SUCNR1) 93-0589P2
mHCRTR1 93-0606P2
mHTR2A 93-0567C2
mHTR2C 93-0790C3
MLNR 93-0323C2 93-0323E2CP0M
mLTB4R1 93-0574C2
mMC3R 93-0642P2
mMC4R 93-0608P2
mMC5R 93-0609P3
mMCHR1 93-0479C2
mNPY1R 93-0610C3
mNPY2R 93-0569C2
mOPRD1 93-0611C2 93-0611E2MCP0M
mOPRK1 93-0480C2 93-0480E2MCP0M
mOPRM1 93-0524C3 93-0524E3MCP5M
mOXTR 93-0612C2
mP2RY12 93-0613C2 93-0613E2MCP2M
mP2RY6 93-0695C3
mPPYR1 (mNPY4R) 93-0774C2
mPTAFR 93-0614C2 93-0614E2MCP2M
mPTGER4 93-0982C13 93-0982E13MCP25M
mPTGIR 93-0615P2
MRGPRD 93-0926C2 93-0926E2CP2M
MRGPRE 93-0438C2A 93-0438E2ACP1M
MRGPRF 93-0433C2A 93-0433E2ACP2M
MRGPRX1 93-0919C2
MRGPRX2 93-0309C2 93-0309E2CP0M
MRGPRX4 93-0541C2A 93-0541E2ACP1M
mRXFP3 93-0928C2 93-0928E2MCP2M
mRXFP4 93-0929C2 93-0929E2MCP2M
mSSTR2 93-0616C2 93-0616E2MCP2M
mSSTR5 93-0627C2
mTACR1 93-0618P2
MTNR1A 93-0951C2 93-0951E2CP2M
MTNR1B 93-0630C2 93-0630E2CP0M
mUTR2 93-0525C2 93-0525E2MCP0M
mVIPR1 93-0619C2 93-0619E2MCP2M
NMBR 93-0925C2 93-0925E2CP2M
NMU1R 93-0232C3 93-0232E3CP0M
NPBWR1 93-0818C2 93-0818E2CP2M
NPBWR2 93-0638C2 93-0638E2CP2M
NPFFR1 93-0944C2
NPSR1 93-0822C3
NPY1R 93-0397C2 93-0397E2CP0M
NPY2R 93-0212C2 93-0212E2CP0M
NTSR1 93-0280C2 93-0280E2CP0M
OPN5 93-0704C2 93-0704E2CP1M
OPRD1 93-0400C2 93-0400E2CP2M
OPRD1 93-0400C3 93-0400E2CP2M
OPRD1 (ARR1) 93-1084C3
OPRK1 93-0234C3 93-0234E3CP5M
OPRL1 93-0264C2 93-0264E2CP0M
OPRM1 93-0213C2 93-0213E2CP0M
OPRM1 93-0213C3 93-0213E2CP0M
OPRM1 (ARR1) 93-0878C3 93-0878E3CP5M
OXER1 93-0867C2
OXGR1 93-0693C2
OXTR 93-0261C2 93-0261E2CP2M
P2RY1 93-0941C3 93-0941E3CP5M
P2RY11 93-0281C2 93-0281E2CP2M
P2RY12 93-0262C2 93-0262E2CP0M
P2RY2 93-0628C3 93-0628E3CP5M
P2RY4 93-0263C2 93-0263E2CP0M
P2RY4 93-0263C1 93-0263E2CP0M
P2RY6 93-0500C2 93-0500E2CP19M
P2RY8 93-0635C2 93-0635E2CP1M
PPYR1 (NPY4R) 93-0233C2 93-0233E2CP0M
PRLHR 93-0302C2 93-0302E2CP2M
PROKR1 93-0303C2 93-0303E2CP0M
PROKR2 93-0282C2 93-0282E2CP2M
PTAFR 93-0236C2 93-0236E2CP0M
PTGER1 93-0937C3
PTGER2 93-0214C2 93-0214E2CP2M
PTGER2 93-0214C1 93-0214E2CP2M
PTGER3 93-0640C2 93-0640E2CP0M
PTGER4 93-0304C1 93-0304E1CP0M
PTGER4 93-0304C3 93-0304E1CP0M
PTGFR 93-0936C3 93-0936E3CP5M
PTGIR 93-0305C2
PTGIR 93-0305C1
PTHR1 93-0315C2 93-0315E2CP0M
PTHR2 93-0306C2 93-0306E2CP0M
rCHRM4 93-0870C2 93-0870E2RCP2M
rCNR2 (CB2) 93-0922C2
rCRTH2 93-0580C2 93-0580E2RCP2M
rDRD1 93-0620C2
rDRD2L 93-0785C2
rDRD2S 93-0778C2
rEDG5 93-0582C2
rFFAR1 93-0976C3
rGPR120 93-1031C2 93-1031E2RCP0M
rGPR35 93-0887C2 93-0887E2RCP2M
rHTR2C 93-0915C3 93-0915E3RCP0M
rOPRM1 93-0494C2 93-0494E2RCP2M
rPROKR1 93-0544C2 93-0544PE2RCP0M
rPROKR2 93-0482C2 93-0482E2RCP0M
rPTGER4 93-0908C16
rVIPR1 93-0913C2 93-0913E2RCP2M
RXFP3 93-0692C2 93-0692E2CP2M
RXFP4 93-0701C2 93-0701E2CP0M
SCTR 93-0237C2 93-0237E2CP0M
SCTR 93-0237C1 93-0237E2CP0M
sEDG5 93-0622C2
SSTR1 93-0307C3 93-0307E3CP5M
SSTR2 93-0181C2 93-0181E2CP0M
SSTR3 93-0244C2 93-0244E2CP0M
SSTR3 93-0244C1 93-0244E2CP0M
SSTR4 93-0308C2 93-0308E2CP2M
SSTR5 93-0402C2 93-0402E3CP0M
SSTR5 93-0402C3 93-0402E3CP0M
TAAR5 93-0718C2 93-0718E2CP1M
TACR1 93-0344C7 93-0344E2CP0M
TACR1 93-0344C2 93-0344E2CP0M
TACR2 93-0238C2 93-0238E2CP0M
TACR3 93-0501C2 93-0501E2CP2M
TBXA2R 93-0322C3 93-0322E3CP5M
TRHR 93-0239C2 93-0239E2CP0M
TSHR(L) 93-0760C3
TSHR(L) (ARR1) 93-0912C3
UTR2 93-0283C2 93-0283E2CP2M
VIPR1 93-0316C2 93-0316E2CP0M
VIPR2 93-0317C2 93-0317E2CP0M
InCELL Target Engagement Epigenetics Assays
BAZ2A 96-0074C1
Bcl2-Bax 96-0010C3
Bcl2-Bim 96-0008C3
Bcl2L1-Bax 96-0009C3 96-0009E3CP16M
Bcl2L1-Bim 96-0037C3
BLK 96-0044C1 96-0044E1CP0M
BRD2(1) 96-0004C1 96-0004E1CP0M
BRD2(1,2) 96-0049C1
BRD3(1) 96-0036C1
BRD3(1,2) 96-0038C1 96-0038E1CP7M
BRD4(1) 96-0005C1 96-0005E1CP0M
BRDT(1) 96-0006C1
BRDT(1,2) 96-0046C1 96-0046E1CP7M
BTK 96-0056C15 96-0056E15CP0M
CLK1 96-0059C1 96-0059E1CP0M
CLK2 96-0057C15 96-0057E15CP0M
CSF1R 96-0047C15 96-0047E15CP0M
CSNK1D 96-0048C15 96-0048E15CP0M
EP300 96-0073C15
FGR 96-0043C1
G9a 96-0003C15 96-0003E15CP7M
GLP 96-0045C15 96-0045E15CP7M
HCK 96-0041C15 96-0041E15CP0M
MCL1-BIM 96-0075C3
MEK1 96-0040C15 96-0040E15CP0M
PI3Kδ 96-0061C1
PIKFYVE 96-0078C1
PIM1 96-0052C15 96-0052E15CP0M
PRMT3 96-0072C15
PYK2 96-0042C15 96-0042E15CP0M
RIPK1 96-0076C19
RIPK2 96-0050C1 96-0050E1CP0M
RIPK3 96-0077C19
SHP2 83-0023C19
SIK1 96-0051C15 96-0051E15CP0M
SMARCA4 96-0060C1 96-0060E1CP7M
TAF1L(2) 96-0058C1
KILR® Cytotoxicity
4T1 97-1028P041
A498 97-1021P034
A549 97-1005P015
ARH-77 97-1001C017
BT-474 97-1042P049
CCRF-CEM 97-1027P040
COLO-205 97-1034P045
Daudi 97-1009P025
DU-145 97-1043P050
EL4 97-1019P033
H322 97-1003P020
HCT-116 97-1040P047
HepG2 97-1032P044
HL-60 97-1039P046
HT-1080 97-1031P043
Hut78 97-1024P037
Jurkat 97-1020P019
Jurkat LAG3  97-1038C019
Jurkat PD-1  97-1037C019
Jurkat TIM3 97-1046C019
K562 97-1030P042
MCF7 97-1014P028
MDA-MB-231 97-1023P036
MM-1R 97-1045P052
MOLT-4 97-1015P029
NCI-H292 97-1008P024
NCI-N87 97-1004P021
PANC-1 97-1044P051
Raji 97-1012P026
Ramos 97-1006P022
RPMI 8226 97-1026P039
SKBR3 97-1002P018
SK-MEL-28 97-1017P031
SK-MEL-5 97-1033P030
SKOV3 97-1007P023
SR 97-1047P053
T2 97-1025P038
THP-1 97-1011P014
U118-MG 97-1018P032
U2OS PD-L1 97-1029C003
U2OS PD-L2 97-1036C003
U2OS-EGFR 97-1010C003
WIL2-S 97-1013P027
Kinase ADP Accumulation Assays
ADP Hunter™ Plus 90-0083
ADP Quest™ 90-0071
Kinase CTK Activity Assays
BLK 93-0882C3 93-0882E3CP16M
FGR 93-0884C3 93-0884E3CP16M
JAK3 93-0796C3 93-0796E3CP16M
LCK 93-1100C3
SYK 93-0865C3 93-0865E3CP16M
TYK2 93-0875C3 93-0875E3CP16M
YES1 93-0883C3 93-0883E3CP16M
Kinase CTK Functional Assays
CSF3R-JAK1 93-0809C3 93-0809E3CP16M
EpoR-JAK2 93-0900C3 93-0900E3CP16M
GHR-JAK1 93-0756C3 93-0756E3CP0M
GHR-JAK2 93-0829C3 93-0829E3CP14M
PRLR-JAK1 93-0686C3 93-0686E3CP0M
PRLR-JAK2 93-0687C3 93-0687E3CP0M
Kinase RTK Activity Assays
Flt3 93-0901C3 93-0901E3CP16M
Flt4 93-0888C3 93-0888E3CP16M
KDR 93-0903C3 93-0903E3CP16M
Kinase RTK Functional Assays
AXL 93-1105C3
cINSRa 93-1016C3 93-1016E3CP16M
cINSRb 93-1018C3 93-1018E3CP16M
c-KIT 93-0853C3 93-0853E3CP16M
c-Ret-GFRα1 93-1054C3 93-1054E3CP16M
c-Ret-GFRα2 93-0816C3 93-0816E3CP16M
c-Ret-GFRα3 93-1143C3
DDR1 93-0894C3
EphA4 93-0877C3
EphA5 93-0840C3
EphA7 93-0841C3 93-0841E3CP16M
EphB1 93-0893C3 93-0893E3CP16M
EphB2 93-0848C3 93-0848E3CP16M
EphB3 93-0842C3 93-0842E3CP16M
EphB4 93-0468C3 93-0468E3CP16M
ErbB1 93-0863C3
ErbB2-ErbB3 93-0535C3 93-0535E3CP16M
ErbB4 93-0465C3
FGFR1 93-1090C3 93-1090E3CP16M
FGFR1-α-Klotho 93-1117C3
FGFR1-β-Klotho 93-1118C3
FGFR2 93-1049C3
FGFR4 93-1022C3 93-1022E3CP16M
FGFR4-α-Klotho 93-1115C3
FGFR4-β-Klotho 93-1060C3 93-1060E3CP0M
IGF1R 93-0505C1 93-0505E1CP17M
INSRa 93-1008C3
INSRb 93-0466C3 93-0466E3CP16M
INSRb 93-0808C3 93-0466E3CP16M
mINSRa 93-1015C3 93-1015E3CP16M
mINSRb 93-1017C3 93-1017E3CP16M
PDGFRa 93-0823C3 93-0823E3CP16M
PDGFRb 93-0493C3 93-0493E3CP16M
rhTrkA-rhP75 93-1009C3 93-1009E3CP16M
rTrkA-rP75 93-1014C3 93-1014E3CP16M
Tie2 93-1024C1
TrkA 93-0462C3 93-0462E3CP16M
TrkA-P75 93-0529C3 93-0529E3CP16M
TrkB 93-0463C3 93-0463E3CP16M
TrkB-P75 93-0530C3 93-0530E3CP16M
TrkC 93-0464C3 93-0464E3CP16M
TrkC-P75 93-0531C3 93-0531E3CP16M
TYRO3 93-1110C3
NHR Assays
AR 93-0454C2
AR 93-0177C1 93-0454H2CP13M
ARH 93-1113C3
ERα 93-0453C2
FXR 93-0443C2 93-0443H2CP13M
GR 93-0002C2 93-0002H2CP13M
GR 93-0456C2
LXRα 93-0215C2
LXRα 93-0389C2 93-0389H2CP13M
LXRβ 93-0442C2 93-0442H2CP13M
LXRβ-NCoR1 93-0856C1
MR 93-0451C2
MR 93-0758C2 93-0758H2CP13M
PPARα 93-0457C2 93-0457H2CP13M
PPARγ 93-0390C2 93-0390H2CP13M
PPARδ 93-0492C2
PRα 93-0852C3 93-0852H3CP14M
PRβ 93-0851C3
PRβ 93-0484C3 93-0484H3CP14M
RARα 93-0325C2
RARβ 93-0326C2
RXRα 93-0439C3
RXRγ 93-0327C2
THRα 93-0324C2 93-0324H2CP13M
THRβ 93-0391C2 93-0391H2CP13M
Pathway Degradation Assays
CDC25A 93-0765C3 93-0765E3CP0M
CDC25A 93-0776C12
NFκB 93-0538C15
NFκB 93-0538C1 93-0538E1CP7M
NFκB 93-1121C19
NFκB 93-0538C14
NFκB 93-0538C3
Pathway Nuclear Translocation Assays
Keap1-NRF2 93-0821C3 93-0821E3CP0M
NFκB 93-0907C1 93-0907E1CP0M
p53 93-0757C3
PI3 93-0876C3 93-0876E3CP5M
SREBP2 93-0830C3 93-0830E3CP5M
TORC1 (CRTC1) 93-0833C3 93-0833E3CP19M
TORC2 (CRTC2) 93-0813C3 93-0813E3CP19M
TORC3 (CRTC3) 93-1120C3
93-0743C3 93-0743E3CP22M
XBP1 93-0857C3 93-0857E3CP5M
Pharmacotrafficking Assays
ADRB2(W158A) 93-0986C3
AVPR2(S167T) 93-0992C3
CFTR-ΔF508 93-0987C3
KCNH2(G601S) 93-1064C3
MC4R(T162I) 93-1004C3
mRHO(P23H) 93-0990C3
mRHO(P23H) 93-1077C3
SMO(W535L) 93-0991C3
Qualified Bioassays
Aflibercept 93-0996Y1-00005
Anakinra 93-1032Y3-00105
Bevacizumab 93-0996Y1-00001
Darbepoetin Alfa 93-0965Y3-00019
Epoetin Alfa 93-0965Y3-00017
Exenatide 95-0062Y2-00101
Follitropin Alfa 95-0119Y2-00103
Growth Hormone 93-0756Y3-00023
Insulin 93-0466Y3-00007
Insulin Glargine 93-0466Y3-00011
Insulin Lispro 93-0466Y3-00009
Liraglutide 95-0062Y2-00099
Panitumumab 93-1051Y3-00093
PD-1 Signaling 93-1104Y19-00117
Pertuzumab 93-1042Y3-00095
PTH 93-0315Y2-00047
Ranibizumab 93-0996Y1-00003
Sargramostim 93-1078Y3-00111
Teriparatide 95-0118Y2-00057
Tocilizumab 93-1045B3-00109
Target-Based Bioassays
AGTR1 93-0312Y2-00125
AGTRL1 93-0250Y2-00121
BDKRB2 93-0189Y2-00113
C5AR1 93-0557Y2-00059
CCR2 93-0192Y2-00061
CNR1 93-0959Y2-00119
CXCR5 93-0514Y2-00063
FGFR4-β-Klotho  93-1060Y3-00089
GLP-1R 93-0300Y2-00029
GLP2R 93-0572Y2-00133
IGF1R 93-0505Y1-00069
IL10RA/IL10RB 93-0985Y3-00135
IL17RA/IL17RC 93-0999Y3-00053
IL1RL1/IL1RAP 93-1067Y3-00079
IL2 93-1003Y3-00091
IL6RA/IL6ST 93-1045Y3-00043
IL7R/IL2RG 93-0997Y13-00081
MC4R 93-0211Y3-00085
NPY2R 95-0077Y2-00055
OSMRb/IL31R 93-1002Y3-00083
PDGFRa 93-0823Y3-00071
PDGFRb 93-0493Y3-00073
SIRPa 93-1135Y19-00129
SSTR2 93-0181Y2-00067
TrkB-P75 93-0530Y3-00075
TrkC 93-0464Y3-00077
VIPR2 93-0317Y2-00087
Parental Cell Lines
Chem-1  HTSCHEM-1
Chem-2  HTSCHEM-2
Chem-6  HTSCHEM-6
Chem-1 Control Frozen Cells HTSCHEM-1RTA
Chem-6 Control Frozen Cells HTSCHEM-6RTA
CHO-K1 NUC-EA  93-0004
CHO-K1 β-Arrestin1-EA  93-0521
CHO-K1 β-Arrestin2-EA  93-0164
HEK 293 NUC-EA  93-0797
HEK 293 β-Arrestin1-EA  93-0798
HEK 293 β-Arrestin2-EA  93-0165
HEK293 Control Frozen Cells HTSHEK-1LRTA
HEK293 G15 Control Frozen Cells HTSHEK-5LRTA
HEK293 G16 Control Frozen Cells HTSHEK-6LRTA
HEK293 Gqi Control Frozen Cells HTSHEK-3LRTA
HEK293 Gqo Control Frozen Cells HTSHEK-4LRTA
HEK293 Gqs Control Frozen Cells HTSHEK-2LRTA
HEK293 with G α15 HTSHEK-5L
HEK293 with G16 HTSHEK-6L
HEK293 with Gqi HTSHEK-3L
HEK293 with Gqo HTSHEK-4L
U20S  HTSU20S-1L
U2OS Control Frozen Cells HTSU20S-1LRTA
U2OS ENDO-EA  93-1102C3
U2OS MEM-EA  93-1101C3
U2OS NUC-EA  93-0178
U2OS PLCG1-EA  93-1124C3
U2OS SHC1-EA  93-1123C3
U2OS β-Arrestin1-EA  93-0318
U2OS β-Arrestin2-EA  93-0166


ֹ(Ordering Information)
493-0389C21 LXR Protein Interaction Cell Line Starter PackPack
93-0982E13MCP25L1 -Arrestin GPCR Assay1000 dp (10 x 96-well)
93-0982E13MCP25M1 -Arrestin GPCR Assay200 dp (2 x 96-well)
93-0982E13MCP25S1 -Arrestin GPCR Assay100 dp (1 x 96-well)
95-1018C61321N1 P2RY1 Gq Cell LineClone
90-0083LADP Hunter Plus100 mL (10,000 dp, 384-well)
90-0083MADP Hunter Plus24 mL (2,400dp, 384-well)
90-0083ADP Hunter Plus8 mL (800 dp, 384-well)
90-0083XLADP Hunter Plus500 mL (50,000 dp, 384-well)
90-0071MADP Quest24 mL (2,400dp, 384-well)
90-0071LADP Quest100 mL (10,000 dp, 384-well)
90-0071ADP Quest8 mL (800 dp, 384-well)
92-1332Anti-BTLA Antibody [6F4]100 ug
92-1342Anti-CD200R antibody100 L
92-1336Anti-CD28 Antibody50 ug
92-1341Anti-CD47 antibody100 L
92-1319Anti-CTLA4 Antibody [14D3]100 ug
92-1339Anti-ICOS Antibody50 ug
92-1340Anti-PD-L1 Antibody100 ug
92-1290Anti-PD1 Antibody [NAT105]100 ug
92-1313Anti-TIM3 Antibody [344801]25 ug
92-1311Anti-VISTA Antibody [730804]25 ug
92-1093Apelin-13 TFA salt1 mg
92-3101GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-101Kit
92-3102GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-102Kit
92-3103GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-103Kit
92-3105GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-105Kit
92-3107GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-107Kit
92-3108GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-108Kit
92-3109GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-109Kit
92-3110GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-110Kit
92-3111GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-111Kit
92-3112GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-112Kit
92-3113GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-113Kit
92-3114GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-114Kit
92-3115GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-115Kit
92-3116GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-116Kit
92-3117GAssayComplete Cell Culture Kit-117Kit
92-0009AssayComplete Cell Detachment Reagent50 mL
93-0563R0AAssayComplete Cell Plating 0 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R0BAssayComplete Cell Plating 0 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R1BAssayComplete Cell Plating 1 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R1AAssayComplete Cell Plating 1 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R10AAssayComplete Cell Plating 10 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R10BAssayComplete Cell Plating 10 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R11BAssayComplete Cell Plating 11 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R11AAssayComplete Cell Plating 11 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R13BAssayComplete Cell Plating 13 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R13AAssayComplete Cell Plating 13 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R14AAssayComplete Cell Plating 14 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R14BAssayComplete Cell Plating 14 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R15BAssayComplete Cell Plating 15 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R15AAssayComplete Cell Plating 15 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R16BAssayComplete Cell Plating 16 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R16AAssayComplete Cell Plating 16 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R17AAssayComplete Cell Plating 17 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R17BAssayComplete Cell Plating 17 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R18AAssayComplete Cell Plating 18 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R18BAssayComplete Cell Plating 18 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R19BAssayComplete Cell Plating 19 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R19AAssayComplete Cell Plating 19 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R2AAssayComplete Cell Plating 2 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R2BAssayComplete Cell Plating 2 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R20BAssayComplete Cell Plating 20 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R20AAssayComplete Cell Plating 20 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R21BAssayComplete Cell Plating 21 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R21AAssayComplete Cell Plating 21 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R22BAssayComplete Cell Plating 22 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R22AAssayComplete Cell Plating 22 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R23BAssayComplete Cell Plating 23 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R23AAssayComplete Cell Plating 23 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R24BAssayComplete Cell Plating 24 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R24AAssayComplete Cell Plating 24 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R25BAssayComplete Cell Plating 25 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R25AAssayComplete Cell Plating 25 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R26BAssayComplete Cell Plating 26 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R26AAssayComplete Cell Plating 26 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R27AAssayComplete Cell Plating 27 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R27BAssayComplete Cell Plating 27 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R28BAssayComplete Cell Plating 28 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R28AAssayComplete Cell Plating 28 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R29AAssayComplete Cell Plating 29 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R29BAssayComplete Cell Plating 29 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R3BAssayComplete Cell Plating 3 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R3AAssayComplete Cell Plating 3 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R30BAssayComplete Cell Plating 30 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R30AAssayComplete Cell Plating 30 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R32BAssayComplete Cell Plating 32 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R32AAssayComplete Cell Plating 32 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R36AAssayComplete Cell Plating 36 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R36BAssayComplete Cell Plating 36 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R38AAssayComplete Cell Plating 38 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R38BAssayComplete Cell Plating 38 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R39AAssayComplete Cell Plating 39 Reagent Pack100 mL
93-0563R39BAssayComplete Cell Plating 39 Reagent Pack500 mL
93-0563R4BAssayComplete Cell Plating 4 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R4AAssayComplete Cell Plating 4 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R43AAssayComplete Cell Plating 43 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R5BAssayComplete Cell Plating 5 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R5AAssayComplete Cell Plating 5 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R6BAssayComplete Cell Plating 6 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R6AAssayComplete Cell Plating 6 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R7AAssayComplete Cell Plating 7 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R7BAssayComplete Cell Plating 7 Reagent500 mL
93-0563R9AAssayComplete Cell Plating 9 Reagent100 mL
93-0563R9BAssayComplete Cell Plating 9 Reagent500 mL
92-5101FRAssayComplete Freezing Reagent F12 x 50 mL
92-5102FRAssayComplete Freezing Reagent F22 x 50 mL
92-5103FRAssayComplete Freezing Reagent F32 x 50 mL
92-5104FRAssayComplete Freezing Reagent F42 x 50 mL
92-5105FRAssayComplete Freezing Reagent F52 x 50 mL
92-5106FRAssayComplete Freezing Reagent F62 x 50 mL
92-5107FRAssayComplete Freezing Reagent F72 x 50 mL
92-0030AssayComplete G41820 mL
92-0029AssayComplete Hygromycin B20 mL
92-0023LAssayComplete Protein Dilution Buffer2 x 250 mL
92-0023MAssayComplete Protein Dilution Buffer2 x 50 mL
92-0028AssayComplete Puromycin1 mL
92-4101TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T1100 mL
92-4110TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T10100 mL
92-4102TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T2100 mL
92-4103TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T3100 mL
92-4104TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T4100 mL
92-4105TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T5100 mL
92-4106TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T6100 mL
92-4108TRAssayComplete Thawing Reagent T8100 mL
95-0166C6cAMP Hunter 1321N1 CALCR-RAMP3 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0166C6cAMP Hunter 1321N1 CALCR-RAMP3 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0064C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADCYAP1R1 (PAC1) Gs Cell LineClone
495-0064C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADCYAP1R1 (PAC1) Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0061C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADORA1 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0061C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADORA1 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0041C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADORA2B Gs Cell LineClone
495-0041C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADORA2B Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0101C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADORA3 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0101C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADORA3 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0126C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRA2A Gi Cell LineClone
495-0126C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRA2A Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0053C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRA2C Gi Cell LineClone
495-0053C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRA2C Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0113C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRB1 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0113C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRB1 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0121C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRB2 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0121C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 ADRB2 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0147C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 AGTRL1 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0147C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 AGTRL1 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0150C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 AVPR2 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0150C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 AVPR2 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0079C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 C5R1 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0079C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 C5R1 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0161C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CALCR Gs Cell LineClone
495-0161C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CALCR Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0164C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CALCRL-RAMP1 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0164C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CALCRL-RAMP1 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0169C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CALCRL-RAMP3 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0169C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CALCRL-RAMP3 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0066C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR1 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0066C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR1 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0175C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR10 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0175C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR10 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0068C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR5 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0068C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR5 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0069C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR6 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0069C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR6 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0070C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR7 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0070C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CCR7 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0078C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CHRM2 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0078C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CHRM2 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0145C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CHRM4 Gs Cell LineClone
495-0145C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CHRM4 Gs Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0080C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CMKLR1 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0080C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CMKLR1 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack
95-0071C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CNR1 Gi Cell LineClone
495-0071C2cAMP Hunter CHO-K1 CNR1 Gi Cell Line Starter PackPack